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About Studying with Me


I'm accepting guitar students on weekdays between 1pm and 7pm at our place in South Deerfield close to I91 (ex. 24 going North). The first lesson/consultation is free. This gives us a chance to develop a clear plan and a sense of what our weekly goals and course of study will be.  I require students to pay for at least one month at a time.


This includes free teaching materials, tailor made to your interests, free adjustments/repair work on your instrument and extra help via phone, text, email or video chat if necessary.

I've been teaching guitar since 1996 and am willing to communicate with you to do what it takes to ensure you get the most out of the experience. 

Contact me to reserve a slot.






Some of My Credentials

Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Guitar Performance,

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2004)

Master’s degree in Jazz Studies (emphasis on jazz guitar performance and jazz composition),

University of Iowa (2014)


Four years of college level teaching experience at four institutions


Student Testimonials



         "He is a great teacher wish I would have used my time more wisley, with all the information he showed. I also loved how used real life exprinces and applies them to guitar playing/practicing. Studied at Kirkwood community college in Iowa City. -Edgad R. on August 17, 2016"



         "I had Andrew as an instructor while at Augustana College for my 2nd guitar class. I am a beginner guitar player and he was able to teach me in a way that I was able to understand and work toward improving myself. He helped me understand how keep a tempo, fingering technique, posture, and he geared his instructions based on what I wanted to play. I am still able to message him for remote help when in need. Thanks Andrew! -Brian T. on August 15, 2016"



         "I have played bass guitar for over 12 years. I was self taught and never took lessons until I took them with Mr. DiRuzza. In the 6 months that I had lessons with him, my playing increased 10 fold. He was patient and helped my answer my own questions as well as helped me achieve my goals I had. I was complimented immensely in the Pit Orchestra I played in and honestly, I attribute most of that to him. Great teacher. Highly recommend him. -Josh W. on August 15, 2016"



          "Mr. DiRuzza is a great teacher and very insightful. He cares about his students and gives them the necessary coaching, that they want and need. -Gustavo V. on August 15, 2016"



          " I have been playing guitar for 31 years and graduated from GIT in 1989. I decided i wanted to take some Jazz guitar lessons and Andrew was the instructor. I took 9 lessons with him at Augustana College in Rock Island, Il earlier this year. I felt i had a good base going in. Andrew turned me onto a lot of inversions on different string sets and opened my eyes to some great soloing concepts. I took away a lot from the lessons and wish he was still around to study with. This isn't the style i play often and i was just looking to expand into it more. Andrew helped me do that and i highly recommend him. Paul DePauw - Quad Cities, Illinois -Paul D. on August 28, 2016"

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